slim + SEW // ebooks

Whether beginning for the first time or brushing up on sewing skills, this Sew Along E-Book will cover how to master Guide + Speed control.

Print out our custom SEW.Cialite workbook to practice sewing straight lines, curved lines, squares + circles with our signature paper worksheets. Also, great for perfecting even seam allowances! 

Slim + SEW.Cial beginners basics of knowing how to make your own clothing and/or accessories.


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SEW along // ebook

Machine parts

If your new to the sewing world, the first thing you should do is fairly understand the equipment your working with!


Download our FREE Sewing Machine Diagram, describing each component it takes to operate a general Heavy Duty/Domestic Sewing Machine!

machine parts  // ebook

Image by Darling Arias

project kit // ebook

Ever wanted to learn hot to sew? Well before you get started, after getting your sewing machine of course, You'll have to gather the proper tools to have a smooth sailing!


Get all your basic Sewing Project supplies in one place. Order your Slim + Sew Project kit today!